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Superior Virtual Assistants

You came here for one purpose: To act now and spend time being a CLOSER! At VA Blitz we have rigorously trained our VA’s to be an integral part of your Real Estate Business and produce results. From Cold Calling to Email Marketing and everything in between.

Champion Support Squad

VA Blitz allows you to spend time doing revenue generating activities that creates income for you. We have a responsive all-star support squad curated of Team Managers and Quality Control specialists if you run into any issues. This is FREE and won’t cost you an extra dime.


We have VA’s that work in all time zones. Regardless of where you are located our VA’s are ready to take on the specific schedule needed for your business! We offer solutions 24/7!

Instantly Grow Your Business

With VA Blitz, we provide world-class VA’s because we know results drive your business. Leaving the stress and frustration of generating leads is a thing of the past. The potential is unlimited now.

Why Choose VA Blitz?

Profit first

We will help you discover an easy low-cost way to free up your time to focus on the important tasks: lead follow-up. Have our VA’s qualify motivated sellers so you will spend more time CLOSING DEALS. You’ll love the results.


Our intensive training is created by Real Estate Investors themselves. Reminding you a VA Blitz Virtual Assistant has gone through rigorous role playing with our elite closers!


Objections? No problem. At VA Blitz our VA’s are equipped to handle objections and push the qualifying process forward! We create instant results the very first day. The best awaits you.

Uncomplicated Starting Process

We are transparent with what you need now. Don’t be lazy! Why put off money making activities? What better time than now to hire a Virtual Assistant who is recession-proof?

About Vablitz

Meet Our Team

VA Blitz was strategically formed with the client in mind. Only world-class Filipino Virtual Assistants, combined with hell bent training, creates a powerhouse of lead generation for your business. Quality and integrity are at the top of VA Blitz core values. Don’t miss out on this secret sauce that shifts focus on your biggest revenue generating activity: CLOSING.

Our Service

VA Blitz ‘s proven track record makes us dependable. These are included at a competitive cost when you hire with us: World-class VA trained to perform at the highest level, bona fide hard working rockstar, and a business success consultation.

Cold Calling Specialist

Our Cold Callers go through rigorous training on attitude, tonality, objections, and humanizing high quality scripts!

-Real Estate Trained
-Excellent Accents
-Handle Objections
-Qualifying Lead

SMS Texting Specialist

The most convenient way to reach leads. Our VA’s are trained to carry out conversations in a humanizing way. Nurture warm leads while getting true motivated sellers!

-Quality Texts
-Qualifying Leads

Virtual Driving For Dollars Specialist VD4$

An incredible way to curate your own list of quality motivated Sellers! VA’s are trained to recognize all exterior pain points when determining a qualified property!

-Trained to identify properties

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Customer Reviews


My 2 VA's sound awesome on the phone! This has been one of the biggest struggles prior to finding VA Blitz!


These VA's are producers. Mine has steadily been brining in leads and qualifying so good!

Michael S.

Very impressed with the minimal additional training I needed to implement with my VA. 

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