How it works

Risk-free consultation to discover your business needs. Avoid the costly time and headache generating leads. When you decide VA Blitz is something that will skyrocket your lead generation, the process is easy.

Who is the right fit? We are detail-oriented, we know which VA will improve your business immediately based on your niche. On boarding and training processes are continued to keep our VA’s sharp and accountable. We lead the way to draw up a plan that utilizes the most effective tools to succeed.

After you inquire and share what you’re looking for we will match you with a VA who fits your needs. The soonest you can Go Live with one of our VA’s is 1 week as our VA’s are trained for your specific business model within our 3 categories !

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Why Choose VA Blitz?

Profit first

We will help you discover an easy low-cost way to free up your time to focus on the important tasks: lead follow-up. Have our VA qualify the motivated seller so you will spend more time CLOSING DEAL. You’ll love the results.


Our intensive training is created by Real Estate Investors themselves. Reminding you a VA Blitz Virtual Assistant has gone through rigorous role playing with our elite closers!


Objections? No problem. At VA Blitz our VA’s are equipped to handle objections and push the qualifying process forward! We create instant results the very first day. The best awaits you.

Uncomplicated Starting Process

We are transparent with what you need now. Don’t be lazy! Why put off money making activities? What better time than now to hire a Virtual Assistant who is recession-proof?


Reach out to us to book your risk-free consultation. We’ll figure out if VA Blitz is a good fit for your business.

Our team houses the best, rigorously trained, battle and stress tested VA’s fluent in English with vast experience talking to sellers. The best part? We do role playing to make sure they are a perfect fit to perform at the highest level for our clients.

Our VA’s are trained to qualify motivation of sellers who actually want to sell. We created the CORE 4, the most important tool to gauge motivation and pain points.

Previous experience is recommended, but not necessary. We give you some tips and tricks on how to close deals with motivated sellers.

A trained rockstar VA uses Virtual Driving Platforms to virtually go through neighborhoods and select houses based on various exterior pain points we have trained them on. You receive this list and pull that data accordingly to call!

A trained and organized VA uses SMS texting to generate and qualify motivated sellers through a humanizing script.

This is all perfectly legal and all our VA’s pass a background check. All VA’s must also pass our strict training system. They are followed up with on a consistent basis until they transition to you, our client. We use a system to monitor their screens (they are aware) to ensure they are performing the necessary tasks to advance your business goals.

There is a very small one-time set-up fee and you are only obligated to use our services for two months. This ensures enough time to assess if our partnership is a good fit. If for any reason you are not satisfied after that time frame (which is extremely rare), you may feel free to cancel. Our
clients stay with us for the entire year 93% of the time. That’s a great conversion rate. Many of our clients have expressed satisfaction of immediate growth over 200% within the first 2 months.